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This periodical is a quarterly update for the growing record of English vocabulary as recorded in general dictionaries. The Barnhart Dictionary Companion provides approximately 1,500 new words, new meanings, and changes in usage each year. Entries include definitions, quotations, usage statements and etymological background. The journal is edited by David K. Barnhart and is available in print form by subscription from Lexik House Publishers.

You are invited to contact the editor by mail at LEXIK HOUSE, P.O. Box 2018, Hyde Park, New York 12538 or by e-mail at

Barnhart's other interests include:

The Barnhart New-Words Concordance ... an index to the major new-words sources. This eight-hundred page volume quickly identifies for the user the place to find authoritative information about new English words. It is published by Lexik House Publishers, Cold Spring, New York.

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Class Presentations on the American Language...David K. Barnhart, author of America In So Many Words (Houghton-Mifflin, 1997) and editor of The Barnhart Dictionary Companion [quarterly], learned dictionary making while editing the Thorndike-Barnhart dictionary series for his father. He can share his 30+ years of life among dictionaries and dictionary-makers with your group. He has appeared in schools, colleges, libraries and conventions. Click here to see more. America In So Many Words ... a book written by David K. Barnhart and Professor Allan Metcalf [MacMurray College] published by Houghton-Mifflin in November 1997. The authors trace the development of the vocabulary of English in North America with notes on a word for each year from Colonial English to the present day. America In So Many Words is available at your local bookstore.
The Thorndike-Barnhart Dictionary edited by Edward L. Thorndike and Clarence L. Barnhart is available from Scott, Foresman. Click here. The Time-Line of Lexicography ... a graphic display of the history of English lexicography that emphasizes the relationship of projects and writers to each other.
David K. Barnhart (dba Lexik House) has been a professional lexicographer since 1966, and has experience consulting with lawyers as an expert witness. Expert-witness work has focused on reporting the status of meaning and usage in language, including trademark status. He has worked in both general and specialized lexicography. As editor of The Barnhart Dictionary Companion (1982-present) he has had extensive experience in primary linguistic research (including the use of traditional and electronic resources). For an overview of Barnhart's experience visit his curriculum vitae. American Food Words

This project is an attempt to treat chronologically the development of words Americans have invented or adopted to describe what they eat and how they prepare it. There are currently 25,000 candidates for inclusion, such as mayo, throwed roll, and Monte Carlo sandwich. Suggestions for recent new words for food or how we fix it are welcome. E-mail suggestions or inquiries to

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