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The flood of dictionaries reporting new words in the last twenty years has been controlled at last by a specialist in neologisms.

No fewer than two feet of shelf space is required to accommodate the fourteen new- words dictionaries. Now, without thumbing through the thousands of pages in the dictionaries any librarian or teacher or student or writer can find out precisely where to go.

Over 48,000 bibliographic references will shorten research dramatically.

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12W = 12,000 Words
ANW = "Among the New Words" in American Speech
ANWI = Fifty Years Among the New Words
BDNE3 = Third Barnhart Dictionary of New English
Bloom = Neologisms-New Words since 1960 (published by Bloomsbury)
DC = The Barnhart Dictionary Companion [quarterly journal]
LRNW = Longman Register of New Words
LRNW2 = Longman Register of New Words Second Edition
Macq = The Macquarie Dictionary of New Words
ODNW = The Oxford Dictionary of New Words
ODNW2 = The Oxford Dictionary of New Words Second Edition
OEDas = Oxford English Dictionary Additions Series

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